Take ‘Action’ to sell a business.

Your business did not just happen to be a success out of sheer luck. It is a living entity that evolved out of your blood sweat and tears where you pegged your assets to the fire line combined by late-night homework and early-morning deadlines. We respect and appreciate why you need to be rewarded for the sacrifice and effort you made.

The decision to sell your business can be the most important decision of your life. Turning your operation into cash is a complex affair involving hundreds of variables. You face an uncertain economy, unbridled competition, sophisticated buyers and without professional guidance, you face them alone.

Action Negotiators and associates have professionally orchestrated thousands of business sales transactions.

With our worldwide affiliations, we regularly present businesses to numerous potential domestic and international buyers corporate institutions , private equity Firms, referrals from satisfied customers local radio and press advertising, that will help you realize the sale of your business in the most appropriate manner.

What our buyers are looking for:

  • The business can verify its profitability!
  • The business has a life span.
  • The goodwill is transferable to the buyer.
  • Management & staff to be inherited by the purchaser.
  • Retail: lease hold should be in place.
  • Wholesale: debtors should be secure with an even spread. Supply of goods to be ongoing and on same terms.
  • Manufacture: production costs to be competitive & capacity for added growth.
  • Speciality Business: sufficient support during and after handover period.

We are driven by a passion for our vocation and constantly build on our expertise.

Combining these factors with our long-standing reputation for selling successful quality businesses helps us to attract buyers who will pay the right price – and a minimum of fuss for you.

And while we work closely with you throughout the sales process, our strict conduct of confidentiality means that your business privacy is assured at all times.

Fee Basis and Policies:
Unfortunetly one pays for what one gets! Our rates are performance based! To measure a percentage without taking into account its end result does not equate. We tend to acheive your price with our fees added on top, so affectively it becomes Gratis.

Fees are earned on a success basis. This is to say, we reimburse listing and advertising fees when we have sold your business.

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